Travel Buddies

This tab is where you start to find your ideal travel buddy. Remember the set of questions you answered on the site when you signed up? These are entirely optional. However, the more detailed information you give us, the better your match will be. It’s especially important to upload a CURRENT photo of yourself so you will recognize one another when you first meet up. When you decide on a match, just click on that photo. You will be given that person’s name and contact information.

Being the traveler that you are, you should feel comfortable with allowing our secure site to filter the data you provide so we can offer the best choices for you. Once you decide which profile might fit your idea of the perfect travelling buddy, it is your choice to contact that person and move forward from there. No contracts, no hassle, no feeling trapped into sharing accommodation with whomever a tour company selects for you. You are completely free to connect with any one of your matches from our database.

 That’s it. It’s not rocket science, just plain common sense. Using the power of the internet and for a small monthly rate, you have solved one of your biggest traveling issues, saving money when you travel, and you get a bonus: A new friend to share the adventure.