FAQs for Senior Travel Buddy Site:

How does SeniorTravelBuddy.com work to find a great match to share vacation expenses?

We have been in the travel business for many years, providing great vacations for many age groups. As our client base became older, we were confounded by the lack of resources available to senior travelers, many of whom found themselves single after a long marriage or relationship. These clients are used to traveling together and wish to continue traveling. Consequently, these former travelers were faced with the dilemma of either purchasing expensive double cabins and traveling alone or trying to find a suitable travel companion with whom they could enjoy their vacation experiences as
they had in the past.

What does double occupancy or single supplement mean when companies quote a fare?

In many cases travel suppliers, such as cruise lines and escorted tour companies, offer their fares based on occupancy. It is usually stated as $1000 dd/pp (meaning double occupancy/per person). The single supplement includes pricing for not sharing a cabin or accommodation, stated as sometimes 150% or more of the double cabin pricing or sometimes as a stated rate, such as “Please add $1000 for single occupancy.” You have come to this site simply to avoid the single supplement, and that’s why SeniorTravelBuddy.com was developed.

How do I look for a local travel buddy to share a cruise cabin or accommodationthat I will like?

Finding a like-minded, same sex, local senior to share your cruise or tour experiences is easy with SeniorTravelBuddy.com. The site will guide you through the process of finding just the right person, one who likes to travel as you do, and one who will share the cost of the cabin or accommodation, saving you both from paying the single supplement required on most cruise lines or tour companies. Granted, many cruise ships and tour companies offer cabin or room sharing when available. But do you want to travel with someone you don’t know? Even if you’ve emailed them a few times?

If I choose a person from the matches available, how will I know whether that buddy is the right person to travel with?

That’s where your choice comes in. Senior Travel Buddy strongly recommends you communicate with one another in many ways. Once you have established a connection through the website and choose a match that seems to suit you, you will be asked to contact that person, either through email or phone and make a point of getting together to talk over travel plans. SeniorTravelBuddy.com matches same sex travelers who live nearby (in most cases) who are willing to get together for lunch or coffee locally. Once you have met and discovered whether or not you like to travel the same way, then you can choose to meet further or not. It’s entirely up to you and your match.

Once we decide we like one another and want to travel together, are we restricted to using Senior Travel Buddy’s agency to book trips?

Absolutely not. You two can proceed to book your trips anywhere, take any cruise, or go on any tour you like provided you both agree. The fact that you have a senior travel buddy to share your vacations now gives you both the freedom to enjoy any itinerary you like. Just think of it as opening up the world by traveling to any destination without concern for meeting the double occupancy requirements. Of course, you can always use our travel agency located on the landing page under “Featured Trips,” but this is optional.

Why do I have to give so much information on how I like to travel and upload my picture as well?

Obviously, the more information you give, the better the match we can make for you. All information given is kept completely private except to those who fit your profile for a match. We do not sell information for advertisers or others. (Please see the disclosure section.) Even then, the questions are subjective, and answering them as fully as you can will result in a much more compatible match for both of you. We use the word compatible because should you and your match become friends, you will enjoy your vacations together so much more. Your vacation styles might differ a bit, but it follows that you will enjoy one another’s company.

Speaking of becoming friends, is Senior Travel Buddy a dating site?

NEVER. Senior Travel Buddy matches only same sex seniors who live near one another. We are NOT a dating site and want to make that perfectly clear.

Knowing that SeniorTravelBuddy.com is a new website, what happens if it cannot find me a match locally right away?

Good question. Senior Travel Buddy depends upon a great many subscribers to add to the pool of buddies to make the process work for you. Since we are new, there may be a lag in the responses in your area who would make a good match. Since the subscription fee is very affordable every month, chances are that soon there will be matches that would suit you very well to contact. Our research has shown us that seniors who love to travel (like you) tend to find every opportunity to make that happen so that they can continue to travel as they used to, or in some cases as they become more financially able to do so.

Suppose that Senior Travel Buddy can’t find me a match?

Since the subscription fee has no contract, you may unsubscribe at any time. However, we feel that keeping your profile in our system benefits you and helps provide you the matches you may like down the line, even if you have found your perfect travel buddy currently. Even in younger travelers, situations can change, and as we get older, our circumstances sometimes change quickly, leaving us with having to begin a search for another buddy.

Suppose I have trouble setting up my account or logging in? Where can I gethelp?

Please click on the HELP tab on the landing page for information as to how to get help. The site has been developed to be as easy as possible but sometimes computers don’t do what we tell them.

Why is a subscription necessary? Can’t I do a one-time search? I only need one match for myself.

Senior Travel Buddy has determined that to get the best experience in your match search, it is important to have full access to the site whenever you want it for whatever time you want. That’s why your account is billed monthly (unless you have already paid for a yearly subscription). Don’t forget, if you have found your perfect match, you may cancel your subscription at any time and no more charges will be billed. When you feel you have found your perfect travel match and don’t want to keep looking, merely unsubscribe and that’s it. It’s entirely your choice.

How safe is my match?

Again, Senior Travel Buddy wants you to be completely satisfied with your travel match. That’s why we ask you to do your due diligence when meeting your travel match. Be sure to ask the questions you need the answers to. We encourage you to meet in a public place, even though it is local, and you will be of the same gender. SeniorTravelBuddy.com cannot be responsible for any outcomes that don’t meet your expectations. It is up to you to discern whether or not you want to continue meeting and discussing travel plans. (Please refer to our disclosure elsewhere on the site.)